Afternoon Savouries Menu
Pipe and Glass Sourdough with Yorkshire butter 6.00
Spiced pork scratching puffs 3.50
Lindisfarne oysters,
on ice with shallot vinegar 4.00 each
Nocellara green olives 4.50
Spiced garden hyssop falafel, rhubarb ketchup 5.50
Staal cold and roast smoked salmon, pickled fennel 8.50
Seasonal soup, see blackboard 10.00
Chicken liver pate
garden rhubarb ketchup, parkin crumb, crispy chicken skin, sourdough toast 13.50
Five British cheeses, Yorkshire quince jelly, celery, biscuits 16.00
Proper prawn cocktail,
sourdough bread and butter 16.50 / 22.50
P&G Ploughman’s
a selection of cheese, cold meats, pickles, chutney, salad 18.50
Seared steak, slow cooked onions 13.00
Staal cold and roast oak smoked salmon, dill salad on spelt bread 13.00
Mature cheddar rarebit on toast, tomato chutney 11.50
Chunky chips / Skinny fries 6.00
Mixed salad 6.00
Crisps 1.25
Nuts 2.00
Vegetarian menu and daily specials blackboard also available.
Some of our food items contain nuts, seeds and other allergens. There is a small risk that tiny traces of these may be in any other dish or food served here.
We understand the dangers to those with severe allergies. Please speak to a member of staff who may be able to help you make an alternative choice.